• compare and contrast a casual friendship with a close friendship.

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  • Casual friendships are typically made up of acquaintances, co-workers, or people you’ve met through a mutual friend. These relationships can be easy to maintain and do not require as much effort as close friendships. You may exchange small talk, get together occasionally, and attend social events. Casual friends are not likely to share deep, personal information with one another. Close friendships on the other hand require trust and loyalty. You know each other well enough to be comfortable discussing sensitive topics and a deeper level. Close friends are the people you can turn to for support whenever needed. It is common for them to spend plenty of time together, and have shared interests or hobbies. They value each other’s opinions and enjoy spending time together. You trust each other unconditionally, and their presence makes you feel accepted and appreciated.

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      Neveah Mcfarland

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