• which organizations should be involved in commmunications planning

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  • Communications planning involves a number of different stakeholders, including: 1. Management: This includes top-level management at the organization, as well as those responsible for overseeing communications. They should be involved in setting the overall objectives and goals of the communications effort, as well as in making strategic decisions. 2. Communications Professionals: This could include in-house communications staff, public relations professionals, advertising agencies, consultants and journalists. They should be involved in developing messages and tactics to meet the objectives of the communications plan. 3. Influencers: This includes stakeholders with power and/or influence in the organization or external audiences. They should be included in the communications planning process to ensure that the target audience is properly reached. 4. Target Audience: The target audience should be identified and included in the communications plan so that their needs can be considered. 5. Evaluation Professionals: Evaluation professionals should be consulted to ensure that the communications plan is evaluated from both a qualitative and quantitative standpoint. This can help inform future strategy and tactics.

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